Friday, November 30, 2012


Yesterday began awesome and then took a nose dive...

I ran a good pace for my 5K - yay.  Did abs and weights.

3 egg white omelet - with onions and tomato
Greek yogurt
lentil soup
Atkins shake

Then all hell broke loose ...we had good friends over for dinner  and I cooked for the first time in a long time 

The menu went like this:
vegan carrot squash soup
roasted tofu with macadamia nut crust and tahini glaze
coco rice
warm spinach salad
Cadbury Roses
Napoleon cake

There are lots of leftovers and Mo was supposed to take the dessert to work...he did not.  I'm going to bring it into my office and hope it disappears.
In the past I would have been eating the napoleon cake for breakfast but today I made a 1 egg 1 egg white omelet instead - calling it a win.
Plan for the day:
Atkins shake/Greek yogurt/soup
Mountain Bike tonight!

I joined Z's Holiday's hoping for a Christmas Miracle.
Tomorrow I have a family dinner
Sunday Dinner at a friends house
Many more dinners to come - Self control will be key.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

10 Things Thursday!

Once again - my Favorite day of the Week! Thanks Laura Belle!

1.  I am super bummed that I can't load photos to the blog anymore unless I buy more memory -Total BULLSH*T - grrr

2. I did not win power now I have to try and work harder

3. Yoga is kicking my ass! - read that right - my shoulders are all kinds of sore today after yesterday's class.  I would encourage everyone to go yoga - its relaxing and can help to create a habit of fitness if working out isn't your thing.

4.  Yesterday was a fail on the food front - today I will do better.  I stopped in a friends house and every time I am there I eat crap...and I look forward to it...time to break that association.  Pirates Booty and Chocolate (dark) covered caramels.  Then a bag of chips with dinner.  yesh.  

5.  Went MTB in the dark last night - it was awesome. 

6.  I'm going to join Z's Holiday Challenge - 

7.  I'm entertaining tonight - fingers crossed I can keep it together with the food - I'm making a tofu dish.

8.  Its balls cold out - but I'm heading out for a run in a few minutes. 

9.  Thinking of doing kickboxing....they are running a special - 100 bucks for 10 fits in with my theme of finding fitness deals...we'll see.

10.  Wishing I was more inspired to get outside right now....frosty!    

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So Happy to see you all

Wow!  I'm thrilled to see all my favorites back blogging again!  It makes my day to know that we are all in this together! 

Yesterday was a day off from working out - I was actually sore from yoga - what tha what!!! Who knew that was possible...

I'm going back this morning and then have a full moon mountain bike ride tonight.  

What I ate yesterday
1 egg with a touch of chedder 100c - 9p
lots of Tea
Greek yogurt 150 14g
Vegan Split Pea soup 160 9g
Atkins Shake 160 14g
Smoked Salmon 200 30g
Couscous with pinto beans and mushrooms  300 15g
Protein shake - 280 20g     

Looks like I was under 1500 cal and over 100 p - cant hate on that! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yoga re-cap

I went!  I've been trying to surround myself with positive people and positive infulenencsForty bucks for a month of unlimited yoga and a push from a friend finally got me to go.

I actually enjoyed it.  Having never done it before, except for a intro class 20 years ago, I did not feel like a moron and there were all shapes, sizes and ages of people there.  The down side was the know how I feel about that.  As a person who has misophonia it was a test of will to stay through the class with an older gentleman breathing like a hippo but I survived, and felt taller and calmerGoing back tomorrow!  I highly recommend it.

This renewal of dedication has been great - I'm getting support from all over the place - I've got my girl Lorie over at I Just Ate My Willpower to text me and keep me accountable and there seems to be a lot of bloggers re-committing during the holidays - how gangsta is that!  Look at us picking the hardest time of year to get this done!  **pat on back and take a bow**
And I'm getting a lot of support at the office - my business partner has got a group of guys that started a work out group, and one of my best friends - who works in the office is on a healthy lifestyle push - so we call each other out if we are seen with "crap food".

Also I have added in fish and eggs to my diet...the extra protein seems to be helping keep me full.

Yesterday I had  a stare down with a pumpkin pie - made by one of my coworkers who is a pastry chef....I won.  
 I've been using Tea to combat cravings and last night I was designated driver so I did not drink - This is a new  thing for me - I drank two glasses of water and had a blast! 

Here's to continued momentum!    

This was my day yesterday:
Half protein shake
Half cup tuna salad
Lots of tea
Half of a pear - go me with the fruit!
Half of a cup of low fat cottage cheese
30 min run on dreadmill + abs  
Taco Bell (Did not feel one bit bad) - 
   - Cheesy fiesta potatoes (290c 4g p) 
   - Bean burrito (370c and 13g p)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Keep Pushing!

I. AM.  GOING.  TO. YOGA ~ in 1 hour.  I know I've said I was going to go in the past - but this is it! - I have a new mat - my clothes picked out and I'm ready to stretch and relax - I'm hoping there are no rogue farts - or I will be the only one in class laughing out loud! - so mature...

Yesterday, I stuck to the plan - went biking - 64+ oz of water, only ate when I was actually hungry and day 3 no wine or alcohol.  So far so good.  I feel better - cleaner if that makes any sense.

Today I'm going to add in some veggies (green ones) and a fruit or two.  

I know that watching you tube videos again and reading blogs has been a huge help!  

Whats your plan for success today?

Yesterday's food - 
Protein Shake - 
Cottage cheese lite - .5 cup
Protein Shake
Fresh Tuna Salad
Some chips***
Sweet potato
Cottage cheese pancakes

Saturday, November 24, 2012

LBG - Pancakes.....and weigh in

I'm feeling better today - that was a weird ass cold thingy - a few other people around have it but you don't actually get sick just feel - moving on...

So I've been craving these ever since LBG posted this on facebook last week...and hot damn are they yummy!  I used agave for a topper -holy yummmy!  I am very tight in the morning so could only eat half - next time I'll save half the batter.  If you haven't had them head over to this post and make them!

New years Challenge for myself - inspired by Dinnerland.

There are 5 weeks until the new year - give or take a day or two....
I'm going to go balls to the wall and see if I cant get below 155 by then.  You, know be ahead of the game.

This is my plan - 
64 oz water per day
60g protein per day
I can't count calories so I'm just going to listen to my body for real hunger
No alcohol .... except at this wedding I am going to on the 15th...
No sugar -I mean no candy...
Exercise every day - off day will be yoga (monday) 

Today - 162.4 - down 4 pounds from nov 9th - not too shabby.
Saturday December 1 - 160.4
Saturday December 8 - 158.4
Saturday December 15 - 156.4
Saturday December 22 - 154.4
Saturday December 29 - 152.4

Holy hell - just typing these numbers has got me motivated!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Re-cap

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  - 

Mine was ok - I've got a bit of a bug so have been really tired and nauseous with back pain -not sure whats up with that.  I didn't go for my bike ride and spent most of the day on the couch.

We had dinner at my inlaws - super yummy but I hardly ate  - got stuck on soup and picked at the sweet potatoes... - not normal - but it was good to see everyone.

I'm so proud of my Sister in Law - she has taken up running and is now up to 6 miles and looks fab - shes now a size 6 and looks great and happy.  Her husband is also exercising - he's gotten back to mountain biking - he also looks great!  They are proof of what putting yourself first and getting your health in check can do.  They have two young boys - one is special needs but they both decided they needed to get healthy and make the time for it.  Very inspiring.

I wanted to post photos of our visiting Puggle - but blogger claims I have exceeded my storage limit for photos - if anyone knows how to fix - I'd appreciate some advice - I  love posting pictures on here.

Here's to a great weekend - and feeling better....
There are 38 days left of 2012....I plan on making everyone of them count - or  28 days until the end of the world - according to the Mayan Calendar... definitely going to make it count!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh hello regular life...

Back to life ....back to reality.

I am an emotional eater.  Period.  

On vacation - yes my band was tight, but I listened and not once did I push it.  I was afraid of getting stuck and ruining the trip.  I was rarely hungry and hardly ate and I felt great.   

Since I've been home.....the bad decisions have crept in...

Today's mantra - slow down listen to my hunger level and just because its a certain time of day - doesn't mean I have to eat.  
I use food to calm down - that's why I wasn't hungry on vacation.  I was so calm - almost comatose - blissfullly floating in a happy space.  
Can I achieve that in real life?  I must slow down.  

Today - going mountain biking this morning - then off to work -
Trail work this afternoon - 
I will have a smoothie for breakfast
soup for lunch 
and figure out something yummy (hi protein) for dinner      

In other exciting news - we are having a friends dog stay with us over the Thanksgiving vacation - A puggle!!  My favorite - Pictures to come.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I have been here for the week.  Nothing like sunshine and rum to get your head in a good place.   

The Headline NSVs
  • Throwing on a bathing suit and not feeling horrible - wearing said swim suit all day long and going paddle boarding among various other activites
  • Not being focused on food - forgot to have dinner a few nights
  • Not eating candy (rum punch doesn't count)
  • Weighing the same when I got back as I did when I left
  • Getting hit on by young surfer dudes -very flattering
  • Spending a week on the beach where not once did my weight or sense of body come into my mind or hold me back from doing one thing  
This was a much needed reset for my head - Although I'm not at goal and have more to loose - the main victory is the mental one - feeling normal and going with the flow.
There is not much else to tell about the week - it went like this -
7am wake up - get smoothie - go to beach - sleep/swim - sunset cocktails then out for the night  and repeat. 
This is the first time I have actually come home feeling rested.  Counting the days till I go back.

I'll be catching up on my blog reading this weekend - I had no reception down there - also a bonus.

The view from my friend's house

The Priatta - We decided that if you drink out of a coconut there are no calories



Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Universe Works in Awesome Ways

First of all - I've invented a new drinking game - every time I hear "Fiscal Cliff" I drink water.
Every time I hear the word "power" or "gas"  I drink water 
To say I am very hydrated is an understatement!
I highly recommend this in the office place if you sit close to a bathroom...

Just when it is the darkest and bleakest...there is light.  Call it God, Allah, or the Universe - whatever you believe in - there is always goodness sitting just beyond the dark.  

Yesterday when I was in quitting mode - a check came through - yay.   It wont begin to fix everything but it is a  glimmer of hope.

And as I was feeling the cold darkness of winter  an angel sent me a ticket to Puerto Rico!  I'm heading out tomorrow night for the week - Mo will hold down the fort.  
This is now forcing me to get my SH together - bathing suit on Monday - you bet your ass I got on the treadmill last night and am detoxing  - i know I can't lose the 10 pounds by Monday but I sure as hell can feel better if I do better.

I'm in a strange place these days where it seems that the Universe has a plan and if I have enough faith it will keep me going in the direction I'm meant to be going in.....

On another Awesome Note ~ Andrea is Engaged!  - I'm so happy for her - I got all kinds of teary this morning reading about it. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

10 things Friday and weigh in

I'm still a little off  this week - so forgive my day lateness of TTT.

1.  Gas Rationing.....wth?  I guess its time to learn my license plate number.

2. Day light savings sucks.  I told Mo I wasn't sure I could do another winter here....not sure what that means since I have no way of moving south....

3.   And the number is 166.4 - holy S-H-I-T.  I feel like an epic failure.  

4.  I haven't been working out.  This has to change - I would like to join a class or something but money is pretty tight.

5. Slow cooker Chick Pea Curry ~ damn straight it rocks

6. I'm looking for a job.  Time for a steady paycheck.  I'm not giving up on my career but the reality is that we can not afford to live without my income much longer.

7.  Can someone remind me what I was doing in the past to be successful? 

8.  My heart aches for the victims of the hurricane.  I want to buy blankets and tools and send them to the people who need them.   It kinda sucks being in this situation - too broke to help.  I think I'll offer up some man power and head west this week to see how I can help.

9.  Miss Lorie over at I just ate my willpower      is in Vegas running some crazy race for 36 hours - she is totally a badass!  I cant wait to hear how it goes.

10. Everything is connected. When one thing is out of wack the whole thing is off balance.

10a - I would love to hear how those of you who live in the cold dark north battle the winter blues?  I'm trying to do it without drinking gallons of wine and wearing slippers and robe 24/7

Heres to pulling yourself up when you fall down!