Thursday, November 29, 2012

10 Things Thursday!

Once again - my Favorite day of the Week! Thanks Laura Belle!

1.  I am super bummed that I can't load photos to the blog anymore unless I buy more memory -Total BULLSH*T - grrr

2. I did not win power now I have to try and work harder

3. Yoga is kicking my ass! - read that right - my shoulders are all kinds of sore today after yesterday's class.  I would encourage everyone to go yoga - its relaxing and can help to create a habit of fitness if working out isn't your thing.

4.  Yesterday was a fail on the food front - today I will do better.  I stopped in a friends house and every time I am there I eat crap...and I look forward to it...time to break that association.  Pirates Booty and Chocolate (dark) covered caramels.  Then a bag of chips with dinner.  yesh.  

5.  Went MTB in the dark last night - it was awesome. 

6.  I'm going to join Z's Holiday Challenge - 

7.  I'm entertaining tonight - fingers crossed I can keep it together with the food - I'm making a tofu dish.

8.  Its balls cold out - but I'm heading out for a run in a few minutes. 

9.  Thinking of doing kickboxing....they are running a special - 100 bucks for 10 fits in with my theme of finding fitness deals...we'll see.

10.  Wishing I was more inspired to get outside right now....frosty!    


  1. 1- I'm thinking about the challenge too- in the past they have been epic fails for me.

    2- I've always wanted to do a kickboxing class. Maybe I will just do it.

    3- I didn't win the powerball either, damn it all to hell.

  2. There is a way to load more pictures without buying space. I will search through my email archives and find the information for you.

  3. You are a summer person for sure!! Good luck with your gathering tonight.

  4. Not being able to load pics on here is Bullshit...and it says you have to pay now??? Who do you pay???