Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Universe Works in Awesome Ways

First of all - I've invented a new drinking game - every time I hear "Fiscal Cliff" I drink water.
Every time I hear the word "power" or "gas"  I drink water 
To say I am very hydrated is an understatement!
I highly recommend this in the office place if you sit close to a bathroom...

Just when it is the darkest and bleakest...there is light.  Call it God, Allah, or the Universe - whatever you believe in - there is always goodness sitting just beyond the dark.  

Yesterday when I was in quitting mode - a check came through - yay.   It wont begin to fix everything but it is a  glimmer of hope.

And as I was feeling the cold darkness of winter  an angel sent me a ticket to Puerto Rico!  I'm heading out tomorrow night for the week - Mo will hold down the fort.  
This is now forcing me to get my SH together - bathing suit on Monday - you bet your ass I got on the treadmill last night and am detoxing  - i know I can't lose the 10 pounds by Monday but I sure as hell can feel better if I do better.

I'm in a strange place these days where it seems that the Universe has a plan and if I have enough faith it will keep me going in the direction I'm meant to be going in.....

On another Awesome Note ~ Andrea is Engaged!  - I'm so happy for her - I got all kinds of teary this morning reading about it. 


  1. As the the saying goes, "everything will be okay in the end - if it isn't okay then it isn't the end. "

  2. This too shall pass. I love your drinking game. Gonna play my own version. I'll drink water every time I hear "mommy". Should be in the washroom all day!

  3. Wow, that's so awesome! Have fun in Puerto Rico! Thanks for the congrats!

  4. I love your attitude.

    Have fun in Peurto Rico. And yes, God(or whomever to you) is Good!


  5. I nominated you for a liebster award! :)