Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I've got THE power!

To say these are dark times is an understatement....
But as of last night at 7:30 we got power back ~ thanks to a crew from Massachusetts.  There are line workers here from as far away as California and Canada - it truly is amazing how much damage this storm did. 

Here is life in Bullets 
  • Its Election Day - get out there and vote - there are people on Long Island who lost their homes and are still waiting on lines to exercise their right to vote - that really chokes me up.
  • There has been a gas shortage here - not sure if you've heard - but people have had to wait up to 2 hours for gas - most of the small stations are closed and the major ones get one delivery a day.  It feels very Mad Max -  There are a lot of smug Prius drivers....
  • Now that the tankers are back in port and delivering the gas there is an ethanol shortage that is holding up delivery
  • We moved out of our house for two days with the dogs - it got too damn cold.  I am so thankful that we had that option
  • Now that my community is back on the grid and people are slowly getting back to life we are trying to get supplies to the hardest hit towns - I plan on going up west to volunteer - I have no clothes to donate - I gave all my old stuff away last spring 
  • The people need blankets, batteries, water, shovels, cleaning supplies, diapers and winter clothes.
  • We are expecting a Northeaster tomorrow - the power crews that were at our house yesterday we joking that the power will be back out on Thursday due to the high winds - not funny
  • I have to clean my fridge out today and toss everything....I'm skerred to open it...
Weight loss and Band News
  • There is no news - I have not stepped on the scale
  • My jeans are very tight
  • I shouldn't drink a bottle of wine at night and eat Halloween candy - that's just stupid
  • I have not been on the bike b/c our trails are a mess
  • We did do some clearing on Sunday but more needs to be done
  • My band is tight 
  • I started eating egg salad - I'm now addicted
  • Yesterday I took a break at work and power walked two miles to the Ocean with a co-worker
Moving Forward.....
  • Protein Shake this morning
  • Work out - bike this afternoon
  • Get back to my routine
  • Back to Blogging and catching up on everyone's blogs
  • I missed you guys!!


  1.'s amazing to me that nature always wins...but good thing we are part of nature because when hit, we go on too! Glad things are getting back to normal, hopefully Thursday's storm won't be so bad :D and hopefully you can get back on your bike soon.

  2. I'm glad you've got power back, and I hope it doesn't go out again on Thursday!

  3. So glad your power is back! We have some scary gas shortages in Westchester, too.

  4. Yeah for getting power back, at least temporarily ;). Hopefully this new storm won't be too bad. Halloween candy seems to have gotten to a lot of us. Good luck at getting back to your routine.

  5. Yay for power! Sorry it sounds like everything is a little off kilter with the food, exercise, band, etc. That is to be expected. It will fall back into place quickly. I hope the Northeaster doesn't cause any more damge. Yikes.

  6. So glad you had somewhere you could go and you guys are all safe. That sucks that there's another storm coming!
    I completely understand not being on track with the food and exercise in times of stress. You'll get back to it soon enough.
    Hang in there!