Monday, November 26, 2012

Keep Pushing!

I. AM.  GOING.  TO. YOGA ~ in 1 hour.  I know I've said I was going to go in the past - but this is it! - I have a new mat - my clothes picked out and I'm ready to stretch and relax - I'm hoping there are no rogue farts - or I will be the only one in class laughing out loud! - so mature...

Yesterday, I stuck to the plan - went biking - 64+ oz of water, only ate when I was actually hungry and day 3 no wine or alcohol.  So far so good.  I feel better - cleaner if that makes any sense.

Today I'm going to add in some veggies (green ones) and a fruit or two.  

I know that watching you tube videos again and reading blogs has been a huge help!  

Whats your plan for success today?

Yesterday's food - 
Protein Shake - 
Cottage cheese lite - .5 cup
Protein Shake
Fresh Tuna Salad
Some chips***
Sweet potato
Cottage cheese pancakes


  1. oh those cottage cheese pancakes sounds nummy!

  2. Enjoy the yoga! I've been thinking of trying it myself and finally feel like I wouldn't be embarrassed in a class.

    Great plan, too - and yay for eating clean!!

  3. Have a great time at Yoga. I've never done it though I plan to at some point...perhaps I'll start with some beginner instructional videos or something at home. I'm back on track today too. I get the feeling cleaner. : ) *heart u warrior*

  4. Have fun at yoga - I have never tried it. I am not sure I can curb my ADD that long!

  5. I hope you had a great time at yoga, I love it and it does feel good! My plan involves taking lunch to work - no more buying lunch for me! I spend too much, eat too much and it never helps my on the scale!

  6. I totally laugh at farts too...I try not to (especially at school when my kids do it), but most of the time I just can't help it.