Saturday, November 17, 2012


I have been here for the week.  Nothing like sunshine and rum to get your head in a good place.   

The Headline NSVs
  • Throwing on a bathing suit and not feeling horrible - wearing said swim suit all day long and going paddle boarding among various other activites
  • Not being focused on food - forgot to have dinner a few nights
  • Not eating candy (rum punch doesn't count)
  • Weighing the same when I got back as I did when I left
  • Getting hit on by young surfer dudes -very flattering
  • Spending a week on the beach where not once did my weight or sense of body come into my mind or hold me back from doing one thing  
This was a much needed reset for my head - Although I'm not at goal and have more to loose - the main victory is the mental one - feeling normal and going with the flow.
There is not much else to tell about the week - it went like this -
7am wake up - get smoothie - go to beach - sleep/swim - sunset cocktails then out for the night  and repeat. 
This is the first time I have actually come home feeling rested.  Counting the days till I go back.

I'll be catching up on my blog reading this weekend - I had no reception down there - also a bonus.

The view from my friend's house

The Priatta - We decided that if you drink out of a coconut there are no calories




  1. I always enjoy your post. But I'm jealous of the vacation! lol JK

    You sound great. There is no better feeling than to be in a good place mentally, especially when the food in involved.

    Good for you.


  2. sounds great! I cannot wait for the vacation where I feel comfortable to do any and all of the things that I want and not worry about being the fat girl. congrats to you girl, that place looks sooo relaxing. Tee

  3. Those are brilliant NSVs, congrats on getting to that headspace :o)

  4. looks beautiful and great nsv's!