Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yoga re-cap

I went!  I've been trying to surround myself with positive people and positive infulenencsForty bucks for a month of unlimited yoga and a push from a friend finally got me to go.

I actually enjoyed it.  Having never done it before, except for a intro class 20 years ago, I did not feel like a moron and there were all shapes, sizes and ages of people there.  The down side was the know how I feel about that.  As a person who has misophonia it was a test of will to stay through the class with an older gentleman breathing like a hippo but I survived, and felt taller and calmerGoing back tomorrow!  I highly recommend it.

This renewal of dedication has been great - I'm getting support from all over the place - I've got my girl Lorie over at I Just Ate My Willpower to text me and keep me accountable and there seems to be a lot of bloggers re-committing during the holidays - how gangsta is that!  Look at us picking the hardest time of year to get this done!  **pat on back and take a bow**
And I'm getting a lot of support at the office - my business partner has got a group of guys that started a work out group, and one of my best friends - who works in the office is on a healthy lifestyle push - so we call each other out if we are seen with "crap food".

Also I have added in fish and eggs to my diet...the extra protein seems to be helping keep me full.

Yesterday I had  a stare down with a pumpkin pie - made by one of my coworkers who is a pastry chef....I won.  
 I've been using Tea to combat cravings and last night I was designated driver so I did not drink - This is a new  thing for me - I drank two glasses of water and had a blast! 

Here's to continued momentum!    

This was my day yesterday:
Half protein shake
Half cup tuna salad
Lots of tea
Half of a pear - go me with the fruit!
Half of a cup of low fat cottage cheese
30 min run on dreadmill + abs  
Taco Bell (Did not feel one bit bad) - 
   - Cheesy fiesta potatoes (290c 4g p) 
   - Bean burrito (370c and 13g p)


  1. Great day yesterday. I LOVE yoga and really should get back into it. My New Years resolution perhaps? Great addition to running. Glad you showed that pie who's boss:)

  2. I love it we are all GANGSTA! joining forces against food in December. I'm in!

  3. I also have misophonia and I dont think I could have done it, well maybe, for me hearing people eat is the worst thing ever in the world and breathing while they eat makes me want to go on a killing spree... but way to go hanging in there and not tell them all that they are hippos who should breath thru their noses lol

  4. I love your resolve! I am glad to hear about the yoga too. Thanks for the update and keep on kickin ass Warrior!

  5. Well done Vanessa!!!! You did so awesome...and where the hell are you going to yoga for 40$ a month unlimited? MAN I would be there in a heartbeat!!! Glad you liked it, and kudos to you for getting back on track...I'm slowly, painfully pulling myself back over there...oy. Sending hugs!!

  6. Yay on the Yoga! I hate it. Lol. Glad you found something new you enjoy. :) And good job beating the pumpkin pie!