Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh hello regular life...

Back to life ....back to reality.

I am an emotional eater.  Period.  

On vacation - yes my band was tight, but I listened and not once did I push it.  I was afraid of getting stuck and ruining the trip.  I was rarely hungry and hardly ate and I felt great.   

Since I've been home.....the bad decisions have crept in...

Today's mantra - slow down listen to my hunger level and just because its a certain time of day - doesn't mean I have to eat.  
I use food to calm down - that's why I wasn't hungry on vacation.  I was so calm - almost comatose - blissfullly floating in a happy space.  
Can I achieve that in real life?  I must slow down.  

Today - going mountain biking this morning - then off to work -
Trail work this afternoon - 
I will have a smoothie for breakfast
soup for lunch 
and figure out something yummy (hi protein) for dinner      

In other exciting news - we are having a friends dog stay with us over the Thanksgiving vacation - A puggle!!  My favorite - Pictures to come.


  1. One trick I use if I am debating whether to eat something is asking myself, would I still eat it if it were covered in ____ (salt, pepper, etc). Also, before I eat, I try to drink something, to see whether it's thirst and not hunger.

    Yay for the puggle! :-) So cute!

    Check out my new blog...

  2. We all need to slow down, our whole life is based on fitting in as much as possible and pushing ourself more and more to the back burner. Enjoy your Holiday and thanks for sharing =)

  3. I am starting to wonder if I will ever conquer the emotional eater in me. Welcome back to reality. Hope you can hang on to a piece of the peace and toss away one more chip of the emotional eater. :)