Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So Happy to see you all

Wow!  I'm thrilled to see all my favorites back blogging again!  It makes my day to know that we are all in this together! 

Yesterday was a day off from working out - I was actually sore from yoga - what tha what!!! Who knew that was possible...

I'm going back this morning and then have a full moon mountain bike ride tonight.  

What I ate yesterday
1 egg with a touch of chedder 100c - 9p
lots of Tea
Greek yogurt 150 14g
Vegan Split Pea soup 160 9g
Atkins Shake 160 14g
Smoked Salmon 200 30g
Couscous with pinto beans and mushrooms  300 15g
Protein shake - 280 20g     

Looks like I was under 1500 cal and over 100 p - cant hate on that! 


  1. I must admit I'm glad to be back blogging. It makes things "real" again that I'm in this with other people. Keeps me accountable you know?

    Be careful please on the moonlight ride. I would be so afraid of not seeing something. Tasty menu yesterday warrior! Love split pea soup!

  2. I'm glad my favortie bloggers are back too! Look at us all kicking butt!