Saturday, June 23, 2012

Playing Catch up

A whole week has slipped by..... 
Heres whats going on:

It was hot as balls here - could barely breathe therefore I spent a lot of time in the office working (freezing) and when not in the office in Jeanine's pool (a.k.a Club 4 Park).  Club 4 Park rocks - she live right around the corner from me, we have cocktails, chips, order pizza, swim and hang by the pool.  Great for socializing - no es bueno for the waistline.   

My Black Dog injured her tail. Due to the heat and injury we have skipped our beach walks and I have been just trying to keep the dogs cool - between construction and only have a wall a/c unit - its been hard on the dogs.  But this morning we are off to the beach.

Its been 3 whole days since I did any form of exercise....I gave myself a pass with the heat 

I ODed on Rainbow sprinkles and Edy's French Silk Fro-Yo - it wasn't pretty - I couldn't sleep because I was so jacked on sugar.... 

Things are looking up at work - I really like what I do even though it is an emotional roller coaster.  The payoff is coming soon - I have to believe.  

Its funny how its like a vicious cycle - when I don't have money, I don't eat well, I don't take care of myself (because I have no $ for hair cuts, mani pedis, trx classes or cute dresses) then I feel like crap and feel "less than", which then makes me less likely to project success at work, making closing a deal less likely, keeping the cycle going.  

Weight - (see how I just slip that in at the bottom not on an official weigh in day) up - 163.4 - I know....I've been living on chips, frozen yogurt, vodka and cranberry and not working out - duh - 1+1= 2

Oh - and somehow I wound up getting featured on a women's biking site - Live Love Velo - check it out.  I'm hoping to race on the team one day...

Going mountain biking today - yay!  The heat is finally calming down! 

What are you all doing this weekend?? Any great warrior plans?  Epic Bike Rides? Races or Events?


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  2. Vanessa, I understand the cycle. You can break it. You are a warrior!! Hear you ROAR.

  3. Killer weekend plans? I just spend 9 hours on a horse. :) I LOVE summer! You can beat this! We just cycle. Push through!

  4. That's so cool that you were featured on that site!