Sunday, June 17, 2012


~Weekends were made for Warriors ~ 

No, I didn't run the 10k yesterday that I was training for
Yes, I ran around with customers/renters instead trying to get a piece of the elusive almighty dollar - it felt like a 20k mentally

Today - my Best Friends and I are doing our annual ride from my house out to Montauk - its about 26 miles and should take us about four hours - it involves riding on the shore (pray for low tide) and Mo is coming to get us after golf. Woop woop - I look forward to this because its 4 hours where I can do nothing else but ride!

Have a big family dinner tonight at a "family style" restaurant in Montauk - I'll probably pre-game with snacks so I'm not super tempted

I'm struggling with bad.  Sugar monster has reared her ugly head - These are the triggers for sugar monster
1. No time to cook
2. Living in a construction zone
3. Being Poor and not being able to go grocery shopping or replenish my protein shakes
4.  Feeling beaten emotionally by my choice of career
5.  Being a lazy ass 
6.  Wishing for a magic genie to magically fix everything
7. Working 7 days a week
8. Being a lazy ass
9. Wallowing in self pity
10. Being a lazy ass

The good news is - I recognize that eating this way makes me feel like shit.  I wake up feeling hung over and achey.

Even better news - I have the ability to turn it around - I may not be able to control my career or the people around me (and flogging them is against the law - frig!) But I can control me and my atitude toward them and myself.  


  1. Where did you find a picture of me? I wish I'd have cleaned up a little!
    Fight the fight! Dang the sugar demons.

  2. If you find that magic Geenie I need to borrow her when you are finished.

    Flogging is against the law??? Good thing the Rockstar doesn't report me ;-)

  3. Hey I just found your blog and its GREAT!
    I have been reading all your previous posts, gosh I love it!

  4. That is stressful to live in a construction zone and have work be hectic...where is any peace and quiet? The ride sounds fantastic...hope you have a blast

  5. You got this girlfriend! The great thing is each day is a brand new day with a clean slate. Forget how you ate yesterday and focus on today! :)

  6. Okay, let me just say: YOU ARE FULL OF CRAP! You are awesome! And not lazy! And super fab! Mmmkay? Mmmkay! You're just having a moment- and that's totally okay. :)

    Hugs to you! You can do this! xoxo