Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 Things Thursday!!!

1.  Went out for a short and awesome MTB last night on a trail I hadn't ridden in a was super!

2. Picked up some rice/beans/guac on the way home and had dinner at a friends house ~ I filled up so cool to eat so little!

3.  I'm doing continuing Ed right now online and it blows! Its timed and for some reason they think it takes 5 minutes to read a no...but it gives me time to read blogs

4.  This morning I'm going to run hills ~ its a 2.5 mile out and back on a very hilly road

5.  Yes ~ tonight is boot camp!!! whoop whoop!

6. Living in construction is a pain in the arse!

7. I am now on an advisory board for a new park my town just bought ~ we are attempting to turn it into a bike park with a pump track and cycle cross course ~ omg!!! so exciting!

8. I have not been drinking ~ thats right ~ no wine, vodka, or other spirits...and I have no desire to...strange.  Its not been conscious...just haven't been.  I even have a bottle of tangerine vodka chilling in the fridge...

9. Did I mention how excited I am for boot camp??  Well I am!

10 ~ random clothing thought ...loving these sundresses that are styled from the 50s and 60s ~ real women do have curves and these dresses are super flattering to this girls shape...I just might go shopping again...

10a ~ Had the weirdest dream last night - I was in a cemetery (the one right behind the house I grew up in)  and there was a huge black horse with a white blanket over him pulling a cement mixer....
um...any thoughts on meaning...Actually there were lots of horses in my dream ..but this is the one that stood out the most..


  1. Strange dream...overloaded with meaningless tasks?? Love your exercise ... you are an animal!

  2. Pulling a cement mixer?! rofl...ok..someone out there please crack open a dream book an tell us what this means. I have to know!! Good luck on boot camp. I know you will kick butt!

  3. running and boot camp in the same day? You are a goddess, but we already knew that ;-)

    Good luck on figure that dream out. I don't think I have ever had a cement mixer in a dream before....

  4. You had me at rice, beans, and guac.... Mouth. Is. Watering!