Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekends were made for Warriors!

So the Internet is back!  My house is still torn apart but whatev ~ my modern bathroom is going to kick ass! 

Sunday - we went for an epic 20 mile mtb out and back - 3 hrs on the bike ~ I was in heaven!  My single speed is back in action - I fixed the tubeless tire myself~ who is the baddest ~ this girl!

This morning I woke up and was all "hmm lets go running on this cool cloudy day ~ oh yeah ~ Personal Best 4.2 miles! 

Then I tried to do some sit ups on the back deck on the bosu ball ~ it would have been perfect if it weren't for the kids ~ See my magical photo essay and videos below...

Mo took me for a walk to the harbor - yes, dammit I had frozen yogurt ~ and it was good!!!

Why in the hell they find sit ups so interesting, I have no clue?

I I bother them when they are doing dog stuff??

Jeanine and Kevin ~ my bike buddies

Yes, Not only can she sit on the table but she reads bike magazine...

The McLaren ~ parked on main street ~ as you do....
Its a super car that retails for close to 300K!
You can read about it here

I leave you with the mayhem that occurs when I try to make my abs flat ~ 


  1. You rocked that ride! And also: Your pups are SO funny!


  2. Woot! Great pics, and your dogs are hilarious :) Mine always thinks it's play time when I get down on the floor for anything - being at his eye level makes him nuts!

  3. The McClaren makes me want to channel my inner Jeremy Clarkson.

  4. Love that car. My boss has an Aston Martin (sp?) know - like the one James Bond drives. It was flown in from England and made just for him. It is NUTS!!

  5. Ok, you are a warrior with that ride and your run!! Bad ass you are! Love your pups, and that car is badass.

  6. yay my dog showers me with kisses when I am doing he is telling me its ok and everything will be ok...apparently he thinks I am dying when I do them...hmmm.

  7. Cute puppppiees!!! I don't have any (sad face) but I have 4 year old and 10 month old daughters...fugeddabout doing things on the floor when they are around! They think I'm a junglegym!!!