Thursday, June 14, 2012

10 Things Thursday

Thanks you guys for the support from yesterday!  This too shall pass....
And now TTT from Laura ~ she is one funny biotch!

1.  I will not let yesterday seep into today!

2.  Boot Camp tonight!

3.  Picking out the rest of the tiles for the bathroom today!

4.  Excessive use of Exclamation points is my guilty pleasure!! Exasperated by texting!!!

5. Eating sugar is bad for sleep ~ I had crazy nightmares about spirits and ghosts out to get me and my dogs....I woke Mo up last night and tried to make him come to the bathroom with me because I was so scared....he declined and I made it back to bed alive....phew!

6.  Rainbow sprinkles make me very happy

7.  Eddie is even better today!  Yay!  I love that dog ~ he is just the best ball of love.

8.  Paying Quarterly taxes sucks.  

9. I have a bad habit of mentally turning my clients into cartoon characters ~ a la Family Guy ~ which is pretty much the best show to ever hit the airwaves ....EVER!

10. I CAN . NOT . WAIT. For Ted the movie to come out!  Mark Wahlberg and Seth McFarlane - unthinkable geneous I might even wait on line and see the first show time...


  1. Tell Mo to escort you to the bathroom next time. LOL

  2. That may be the funniest trailer I hae seen in awhile.

  3. So happy to hear the baby is better!!

  4. OMG Ted looks great! Didn't even see the trailer till just now...hilarious..must see it!