Saturday, June 2, 2012

Surprise Rennovation!

I have no Internet at my house these days and am crazy at work!
We stared demo in the bedrooms yesterday and the house is turned upside down. This is totally effects my eating... I hate when my environment is disturbed! But it's for a good cause - new huge bedroom and new bathroom! Woohoo!
Hope to have wifi again tomorrow so that I can do a proper post and get bk to reading. Blogger via iPhone - no es bueno.
Hope all is good out there--- shutout to Dawnya! Love that hair (er no hair)! That is one beautiful woman!


  1. I went through this when we first moved and things weren't hooked up yet. Drove me cray!

  2. I hate it when things at home are all topsy turvy too but please post photos when it's done. I love to see the finished results.

  3. Love a good renovation,i also want pics, no internet-blah:(