Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I'm bummed ~ its raining

My yellow dog got sick and we had to go to the vet
He is better now but - it was 435$ that I don't have.  
Sometimes I feel like the universe wants me to be broke forever.  I have a bad attitude about money ~ I always think "mo money mo problems" but what if the Notorious B.I.G was wrong about it? 
I seem to be repelling money these days.  When the receptionist gave me the total today - I cried.  Then I ate a goat cheese and avocado wrap in the car while driving home...

Lesson #2 of the week - I thought I had a deal in the works after spending my sunny sunday running around showing houses for sale ~ only to find out my lovely customers were working with another broker - and bought a house through that other broker.  SO being the adult that I am I went out and drank my weight in Kettle One and cranberry ...then proceeded to sleep on the bathroom (in the basement) floor dry heaving and worried sick that I had damaged my band.

Lesson #4.2 - I react badly when things don't go my way...

Lesson # 4.7a/b - If I had one opportunity...would I let it slip?  ~ see thats how bad it is - I'm quoting Eminem now.... I leave you with a photo of Ed this morning - pre vet.. 

I was hoping to get a haircut and a mani/pedi one of these days ....
But am settling into looking like Sasquatch's ugly sister....its a good look


  1. I am sorry! I hate money stress.... I feel the same $290 for a car part today. Hang in there! HUGS!

  2. Money stress for us, too - our waterbed finally sprung a leak too big to patch. This is NOT to minimize your stress, my dear, just sharing the general BLERGH about money.

    Hope Ed's all better soon - how dejected he looks in that pic :( (and yet still adorable)

    There will be the next deal. And the next. Just breathe. ((hugs))

  3. So sorry about your puppy. I know all about spending all you money on your dog. I would be driving an expensive new car now instead of my 2001, 150,000 miles car if we didn't spend so much on our dogs. But they are worth it. Although we always tell ours they need to get jobs, for some reason they look at us like we're crazy...oh wait we are.

    Hope you day gets better.

  4. Money sucks unless you have it. I don't understand how the cost of everything is going up so fast and my salary seems to be shrinking.

  5. I feel you. I'm not looking forward to the bill from the pool guys for the busted filter.

    Money, and the having or not having of same, is the biggest stressor in my life.

  6. So sorry about your baby, but glad to hear he is feeling better. I definitely feel your pain...I have spent $800 this month at the vet's office. So much for my 2nd vacation this summer...but I am very thankful I had the money to make sure my baby was ok.

  7. Aw, boo...I completely understand. Just when we start to get even a millimeter ahead, BAM something happens. IT's the worst when it's our fur babies - they need it, we want to give it to them, but we don't really have it! Glad Ed is feeling better - hang in there honey, it will look up.

  8. Awww. That sucks. Glad your dog is OK though. I spent $1000 on my dog last year after she downed a bag of hershey kisses (she was a 7 lb yorkie). She was killed by a coyote a month later.

    "I always think "mo money mo problems" but what if the Notorious B.I.G was wrong about it?" Hilarious. Things will get better. They always do.


  9. Vanessa, I totally understand! We had this with our pup this spring... :( Sorry honey!

    And by the way, I was in real estate until this year. And the reason I quit: The BS you just wrote about. People don't realize how broke they make you when you run on 30498304830 showings with them- and then they shit on you by buying the first house they see with someone else. Buyers are liars. (I'm not cynical at all. Can you tell? ;)


  10. Buyers are liars and sellers are too! Yep, I'm another realtor down her in Florida!

  11. You should see if you vet takes Care Credit. It really is a lifesaver. Every time I go (at least twice a year if they're well at upwards of $500 each time) and pay with my Care Credit Card I get 0% interest if I pay it off within six months. So your bill would only be $73 a month! Much more manageable!

  12. ahh man..that sucks when your dog is not feeling well...partly because every vet bill for me is > $200 and my dog is my best friend!
    As for your client...they suck...that is rude to waste your time like that..hope they have problems sleeping at night....bugabooga..there I just put a curse on them!

  13. what we will do for our fuzzies your pup thanks you though :)