Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday weigh in and Work Out

Everyone is different ...everyone does things at their own pace.  I lost a butt ton of weight in the first 8 months of my journey.  Its slow and steady now to the finish.  Slow and steady is not glamourous, its boring, and frustrating.  The "wow, you look great!" comments are much fewer now...I guess people are used to me smaller now.  I'm used to me smaller now...I look in the mirror and pinch and pull at my fat lumps and try and squish them down into my jeans ~ who knew you could have muffin top in size 8 jeans...I guess its just a smaller muffin..

This last loosing push is the "character building phase" ~ or as I call it..uber annoying phase.  But hey its cool ~ its about a way of life now ~ and my understanding is thats just what maintainenece is.  I just have to be strict to get the rest of this padding off!

Just ran 5K ~ and then took the dogs for a long walk on the beach with their friends ~ I forgot to eat breakfast....WTH?  Viva La Band!

Weigh in ~ 158
Last Week ~ 158.4 
Loss ~ .4 
Total loss thus far 83 pounds ~ not too shabby
17 to goal!!


  1. Awesomeness...83 lbs! You can make it through this last stretch, look how far you've come! :)

  2. Love your workout!! Also, grats on your half pound loss. I agree, this is the character building phase for us! *heart u*

  3. Well, let me just remind you: You're smokin'! Great job, girl! Big plans for the weekend? I think this girl is hiking!


  4. You are reading my mind with this post. :)

    Yes, the comments do end.

    Yes, the weight loss does slow down.

    But I just KNOW that you'll be down again on that scale next week.

    Keep on, keepin' on :)

  5. Going down,thats great!! 5km run -Way to go, I wanna go to the beach!!:)