Saturday, August 23, 2014

Two Days in a ROW!


Protein Shake
Dosa  - cheese, avocado and arugula for Lunch (1 cookie after)
Raw Cashews
Fresh Mozzarella for Snack
Grilled Cheese with Tomato  & 4 French Fries  - Date night

Yes...looking back at this, I could have done better - a lot better, but if I look closer there are a few victories...

1. Only one cookie after lunch - Win
2. After spraining my ankle walking to work - I could have soothed myself with sugar - I did not
3. No ice cream or Fro yo after dinner...

Today - I'm starting off  with two eggs and coffee
Will also being doing an ab and core workout before work... 

Have a great weekend!

View from dinner last night 


  1. Yummy day! We all need a date night splurge once in a while...four fries never hurt anybody ;)

  2. Sounds like good choices. Considering it was date night I'm surprised there wasn't alcohol - there always is on mine!