Thursday, August 28, 2014

5am wake up and bike ride

I'm up - ready for a bike ride- just waiting on the sun...grrrr - shorter days suck!
The chiropractor gave me the thumbs up to go biking just not go crazy.
She thinks I'll be good to go for Vermont in 8 days.  God I hope so!
The new Biking clothing I ordered just got here yesterday ~ all XXL... I mean yeah....we are back there again.

Yesterday, I had breakfast at the ocean and then worked all day. Not a bad way to start the day....

Finished out the day with a binge.... it was panic eating again....
followed by "I hate myself" inner dialogue.... I've got to get this back under control....

Its the cycle - the part I can't control ~ that urgent hunger to soothe...the panic feeling of hunger...that results in the override of rational thought.... 

Today I will be hyper vigilant when the cycle starts - and I will have food AKA whole foods with me to combat the onset of the hunger.... I mean COME ON!  I've done this before, I can do it again.  

Part II ~ Post ride
Went for 40 miles this morning and checked the surf at all the beaches - its wild today.  Ended my ride at a park near my house where we had breakfast - egg + cheese + bagel... and coffee.  
I'm not hating on it - I was super hungry and Strava says I burned 1000 calories.. not bad before breakfast.  I feel good after that and will keep that feeling with me today.  We have another long ride set for Sunday...looking forward to it. 



  1. Great ride and not a bad breakfast. The only way to break the cycle is to white knuckle through it. I've been doing ok in the beginning and by the end of the day, the stress takes over and I eat everything in sight. We both need to get it under control.

  2. Shorter days do suck! Summer stay forever!
    Hope you are good to go for Utah and I know all about the XXL these days. We are more "mediums" I say. We will get there.