Saturday, August 30, 2014

Its almost over

~ Labor Day Weekend  ~

I'm trying not to labor!  Ha!  I should be done for the weekend about noon today.  I'm planning to take a long walk and do a core work out today.  I'm still all messed up with my legs and back - the legs are hobbling around and I feel all kinds of off on two feet - two wheels, I'm still golden - thank god.  
One more week until Vermont! I can't wait!  This place is crazy...There is an all chrome Rolls Royce that has been driving around - such gross excess....I'm over it.
All of us locals are so done with these obnoxious entitled a**holes.  Roll on Tumbleweed Tuesday - (this place clears out on Monday!)
My breakfast sandwich had a message on it when I picked it up yesterday  ~ we are all feelin it! Ha!

On the food front... still struggling but I did decline desert last night so thats a big big win!  Keepin it classy today and planning on veggies and fruits... 

I must admit, having my body all out of wack is pretty scary...I walk like I have a peg leg and move side to side instead of forward... my chiropractor is working on it.  
I have road rash on my knee that totally erupted yesterday while I was out showing houses. I had blood pouring through my jeans..thank god I randomly wore black instead of the usual white jeans I rock.... 
Yeah that was awesome - my clients looked at me horrified... Its like I have this double life - professional realtor by day and then epic mountain biker, tom boy ~ dirt diva chick the rest of the time...sometimes those two worlds collide and its not great.

I think its time to get into regular yoga, or pilates and core classes...this body is all effed up and I'm scared if I don't sort it out now...I'll be stuck this way.

Tomorrow we have a 50 mile ride planned that involves two ferry boats and a stop for breakfast... I'm psyched!

Have a great weekend!


  1. My body is effed up too! Some of it from being preggers, but in my heart of hearts I know a lot of it is weight related. Those extra pounds do bad things to out bodies! Love the bike ride and the blood pouring our of jeans.

  2. Blood is pouring through my pants. No big. :-)