Friday, August 22, 2014

Another day in the Hustle

My Start weight ~ 242
Lowest ~155
Current ~ 190

That plan didn't work....
First of all I was super dizzy from eating so few calories that I could hardly ride my bike.  I'm happiest when I'm riding 5-6 days a week...and if I'm not happy....its bad.

I ended up binging for two weeks and feeling horrible about myself after that diet fail.... 

Whats the plan going forward?  
Go back to simple foods...
Protein shakes for breakfast, fish or salad with hard boiled eggs for lunch and dinner - something sensible....and lay off the FroYO! YO!

I've been biking about 100 miles a week - I'm on Strava if anyone wants to follow me there...
The problem with all that biking is I've gotten really lazy with doing core and other strength exercises so now I've thrown my back out... but I'm still pushing through and biking....
Going to the chiropractor today to get it sorted.... 

I'm going mountain biking in VT in two weeks for four days and then heading to Moab to go mountain biking and camping from the this must be addressed!  

I've had fluid taken out of my band - just 1cc and I've stopped getting stuck, throwing up and having to exist on thats great.  Now just to calm down and get back into the plan that first worked for me back int 2011...

Its great to see some of my blogger friends stepping back out from the shadows....It seems a bunch of us who were banded in 2011/12 have had re-gain....I think being food addicts has a lot to do with it...I know I am one.  Please know that I'm here and I'm happy to email/text with anyone as much as I can for support - we are not alone.

Two of my favorite things - Sloths and Bikes!!!


  1. The regain thing happens, but the good thing about the band is that it's a tool and you can adjust it to fit your needs. I'm scared about what happens when I lose the band and get complacent... but, each surgery has it's positives and negatives. I think getting back to the basics with simple foods is a great plan :) It worked for you once!

  2. I'm so glad we're all getting back together in this fight against obesity - we need each other!