Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

Last Week - 192.4
This Week - 191.0
Loss of 1.4 

Yay!  I wish it were moving faster but given my plan of "just go to the gym" and "don't be dysfunctional" - I'm pretty happy.  Not dieting - just shifting my brain.  And drinking a lot of water.

Yesterday was the dreaded abs and glutes class - walking is painful today but its not as bad as last week - thats good news.  

No Snow this morning-  so thats AWESOME!  Just howling winds and 20 degree wind chills...yuck!

Yesterday I went shopping for a new bag and wallet ...I never have the urge to shop but for some reason my brain wanted to buy something so I took the day off and went to the outlets.  
Hello Ka*te S*pade.  My new bag is the bomb.  



  1. Dieting isn't really sustainable. Love the mind shift approach!

  2. ummm... the bag and wallet on that pretty seat is amazing! You are kicking life in the butt. Or grabbing it by the balls. Whichever approach you would like.

  3. Goodness, that's a beautiful bag!

  4. I LOVE Kate Spade! Those bags are the BOMB (and I have too many of them. :) In fact, I'm carrying one today. Good choice!


  5. So professional with your new bag and new car!

  6. I am swooning over that bag - I love Kate Spade. Her new collection features a bag that has the same name as my daughter, which I've decided means I must have it in multiple colors.

  7. Love the bag! And I think the loss is awesome!