Sunday, March 16, 2014

Have you heard the one about ...

The mountain biker that goes to spin class with dried mud caked all over her shoes only to realize that is not a cool thing in that type of company.....

Spin review - Why are we peddaling like madwomen in the dark up an imaginary hill while Bananarama is blasting my eardrums out?   Yeah - not for me.   I did get my heart rate up and got pretty sweaty.   When you are used to flying around the woods and pushing yourself up rocky loose hills to the point of almost vomiting and heart come flying out of your mouth - sitting in a dark room just isn't my bag baby... 
But - I'll prob go once more since I have one more free class. So theres that.

Friday - I took the day off from working out.  And went car shopping instead.... In my industry people are judged by their car.  Don't get me wrong I love my little subar*u but my clients are people who drive Range Rov*ers and fancy cars and the sad thing is to be taken seriously and to make them comfortable (my car is a stick and apparantly I make my passengers sea sick when I drive according to my husband....)  I needed to step it up.   
So - New car as of exciting... its a write off so I got something nice.... :) a little beemer suv. 

Yesterday work was crazy - tis the season but I managed to get in a 1.5 hour MTB ride - it was warm and I made it a priority.  
Today - I'll prob ride again after work.  If the temps don't drop too low or go to the gym.  Having a gym buddy is the best. 

Food - has been good - the girl scout cookies are all gone - thank god. 

Life - also been good - operation habit building is working - I've been getting up at 5:45 most days and that seems to be very helpful with getting my mind right.

I really let myself go - being up close to 40 pounds from my lowest really is a lesson.   Not sure about what but the universe makes you repeat lessons for a reason - I must not have gotten it the last 10 times.... ha.   

I've started to turn it around - I'm not drinking more than 2 glasses of wine a week and have been pretty consistent with food - its a process.  Its not as clean as I was post op 3 years ago but I feel good and its baby steps without feeling deprived.  

 The view from the house we were in when I realized I had to step up my car game...

Out Getting my mind right
 Winter is still hanging on in the woods

This neon sign is over a bed - 
it says "yes, yes, ohh yes" - pretty effing awesome!!!


  1. I'm so proud of you!! This is going to be your year!!

  2. Love that sign! Glad you getting into a routine!