Sunday, March 30, 2014


My Best friend has been diagnosed with an overgrowth of Candida - yeast throughout her body. 

Part of the solution for getting it under control is depriving the yeast of what it feeds on.  

She is off sugar, carbs, alcohol, dairy and anything processed.  Tequila is ok for some reason.  
Being that she is my best friend and she is also the ring leader of most mayhem and adventures -

She declared that if she has Candida than I too must have it and therefore I too must adhere to this food plan.   
So I looked up the symptoms and maybe part of my cravings have something to do with the yeast...
and like the moron I am, I agreed to go on the Yeast fighting adventure with her... so yeah..yesterday I was cranky and tired.  

Today, we shall see what the day holds - its raining cats, dogs and donkeys today and I have a few work appointments and then we are hosting game night at our house...
I'm hoping to be safe through game night and stick with tequila and hummus....uber healthy.. 

Have a great Sunday ~ 
I am grateful that I have a crazy best friend who is always on a wacky adventure.....


  1. Crazy best friends are the only ones to have! Good luck!

  2. Ah, the yeast fighting adventure. One of many that I have considered but not executed. Good for you for giving it a shot! Whenever I hear of candida, it makes me want to sing an old Tony Orlando & Dawn song, "Candida." Now I have that earworm, but fortunately it's a nice bouncy tune!