Friday, March 28, 2014

a Few things Friday

1.  I was in a funk since Wednesday.... Partly because I was so friggen sore from that class that I couldn't face moving let alone working out.

2.  A few of the things (work related) that I worked really hard to put together fell apart and one in particular felt like a kick to the gut. 

3.  This one two punch led to an unraveling in my head and a motivation fail.  I ended up calling it a day on Wednesday at 3:00 and took to bed.  Sometimes you have to wallow in self pity for a hot minute and then move on.

4. Yesterday - my mindset was "I don't wanna and I don't feel like it" - Resulting in violating my two rules - 1 being: go to the gym - it was cold as balls and I was sore and I didn't and the second rule:  Don't be dysfunctional with food - I binged on cereal... 

5. Today is a new day - I know that all of the drama comes from fear.  I'm scared of failing in business - particularly since all the financial pressure is on me.  I'm scared that I'm not good enough, I'm scared that I'll not be able to pay my bills now that I have bigger bills.  I'm scared that I'll not be able to stay focused on my health, I'm just plain scared and worried

6. Worry - aint nobody got time for that - its not helpful and I have to stop it and continue to push forward.

7.  So naturally a new phone cover with a sloth on it was the solution to my pain and worry.

8. Dog Fail ~ Thats a deer grazing in our yard.  And thats Ed ignoring it. 

 9.  Today ~ I will be proactive with work and eat lots of healthy food (see how I'm flipping that around ...saying eat LOTS of healthy food - instead of saying, I'll deprive myself of food I crave) 

10.  If it weren't for the struggle, life would be be really boring. 


  1. #10 - indeed. Hope you feel better today!

  2. You are going to move forward. You will be a success in everything you set your mind to. I have faith in you. Here is one of my favorite quotes: Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

    You got this!!!

  3. Works struggles are such a drain. I'm so sorry and I hope it all gets better! The sloth cracked me up. :)

  4. Love the dog! That's my kind of day. All snuggled up and ignoring the nuisances of life.
    I had an awful slump for almost the whole week last week, not just a day, so you're doing just fine!