Monday, March 24, 2014

20 years.....goes by fast.

Yesterday was the Montauk St Paddy's Day parade.  It occurred to me that it was 20 years ago that I was a senior in High School partying like there was no tomorrow at the parade.
Today as I was on the elliptical at the gym I was blasting Dr Dre for cool down -  it occurred to me The Chronic is also 20 years old...I remember when I was kid in the 80s my mom blasting her music in the car from the 60s... I thought it was so lame.  Could anyone think Dre is lame?? Of course not! 
20 years have gone by!  That totally blows me away.  
It makes me want to take better care of myself and make the next 20 years really count.  I have a long list of things to accomplish and I plan on gettin 'er done.

Thinking about time passing got me to looking closely at my I had a facial and bought a bunch of face cream.  I don't expect to reverse time but I'm hoping like hell to slow it down a bit. 

This weekend we had a 60 degree day - damn right I took Saturday afternoon off and went mountain biking - I swear spring is finally here - Below is a video of the woods with the peepers - I love that sound - even they think its spring....little do they know there is a major snow storm about to blast us tomorrow... 

Tomorrow is Abs and Glutes with that horrible woman who will cripple me once again...I secretly like it.... shhhhh
And a teaser...the scale is moving downward...I know I'll be seeing the 180s again soon....maybe not this week but soon....


  1. I still have trouble wrapping my head around my true age.

  2. The years do pass too quickly! I can't believe that Dre will ever be lame. Mother Nature is ether being kind by giving you a few days of spring, or unbelievably cruel because of the blast of snow storm... I can't make up my mind.

  3. I could, and should, write a whole post about the aging process and how much I hate it and am in denial.
    You're doing great with the exercise, and I'm so jealous of that spring like weather! We haven't had anything even close to that here in Wisconsin.