Thursday, March 13, 2014

Habit building ~ the journey continues ~ Ten Things Edition

1.Yesterday I went to the gym for 7:30 - my gym buddy tried to bail but I told her I'd punch her through the phone if she didn't show.  

2. We both showed up grumpy and blah - but got it done.  We did abs for 15 mins after cardio - dang I'm sore this morning. 

3. Habit building - day 3  - up at 5:30 - oil pulling - I've been doing this for a while it seems to make my skin brighter and is a way for me to focus in the morning

4. Spin class at 7:30 - I hate indoor cycling but hell its 10 degrees out again...and the first two classes are free - I hope to survive.

5. Yesterday the girl scout cookies arrived....grrrrrrr. But I am here to report a victory...
I didn't open them, and thought to myself that they really don't taste as good as I remember so best not to mess with it.  

5a. I gave them to Mo - he hid them in his studio but gave me about 8 cookies in a pretty china bowl after dinner - at first I was pissed but then I was all - that's kinda cute, I enjoyed the cookies real civilized like (instead of scarfing down a box in the car and hiding the evidence).  I was satisfied after the cookies were gone....he may be on to something.

5b. He knew if I didn't have some, I would obsess about them and then hunt them down and eat the shit out of them.  He also knew that 2 fucking cookies would never satisfy me.  8 is the perfect number.  I'm not counting calories just trying not to binge and be dysfunctional with food. 

6. Habit building is going good - day 3 of getting up early was not as painful ~ 
a. not drinking
b. work out before work
c. not binging
d. Making sure I have good food with me at all times and not let myself get hungry ~ this is part of battling the fear of being hungry - a long battle that is baseless but probably self created from years of dieting and starving myself.

7. I love watching CMT in the morning - its a habit I started last year when I realized the news was bullshit.  But the Florida Georgia line are a tad bit cheesy these days...I can't help but laugh when the "how we roll" video comes on.

8.  Work is crazy but this year is not as bad b/c Mo is home taking care of me and the dogs - I texted him that I was on my way  last night and when I got home dinner was on the table.  WOW!  Love that guy!

9.  Life is good - I have to remember to feel blessed.

10.  Habit building at work is helping us to get a shit load of work done ~ I think I'm on to something!


  1. I love this post! Positive, upbeat, and inspirin. I especially love #9 :)

  2. ummm... great plan with the cookies. I did the same thing with some chocolate. Gave it to Greg and haven't even been obsessing about it. Well, not after he gave me some of it. :)

  3. Your superpower is ... punching people through the phone? That's awesome! ;)

    I used to buy a ton of GS cookies (from everyone whose kid asked me) because I sold so many in my day. Now most of my friends' kids are out of Scouts, so I can dodge the bullet. I did buy one box at the grocery store, but I gave it to my HB and never saw it again.

  4. Good for you.
    Can you tell me how to punch someone through a phone? Is that sort of punch traceable, b/c if it is not, I can think of at least one person whose face I would like to pummel. :-)

  5. Sounds like a great plan, having him portion the cookies out for you!

    I have got to try this oil pulling stuff. How long did you keep it in your mouth for?

  6. I can't open the GS cookies either! If I do, I'll eat them all. I actually gave a box to the mail carrier when they arrived because I don't want them in the house.
    Great job, and great habits.

  7. "I'm not counting calories just trying not to binge and be dysfunctional with food." That is my dream!