Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Post About Habits

I used to wake up at 5:45 every damn day and get my ass moving doing something - biking, running, whatever - and then run the dogs on the beach.

Life has changed and now Mo does dog duty - which is great but I think its messed with my "have to get going" mentality.

So this week I'm trying to develop habits so they become second nature and I don't have to think about them.  Even reading a book about it.

Getting up again at 5:45 - this has been a bitch. I love to sleep - I mean love love love sleeping.  But I know I'll never regret a workout - never ever.

Yesterday I went to the gym for 7:30 - did the elliptical for 45 mins and then planned on MTB in the great weather - but work got in the way and I didn't get done till 7:30 last night.  

BTW - I had an epic mtb ride on Sunday - yes I was slow as hell and my normal loop took 40 (forty!) mins longer than last time I did it.  Its ok - mentally I felt awesome and its the first ride of the season - can't hate on that.

I know that if I'm going to commit to getting fit again - I must get a work out in before work and if I can ride later in the day than that's just a bonus

Food - I'm detoxing sugar again - actually thats not true - I'm just not binging on candy and not drinking.  One step at a time.  

The weather has been crazy here - this weekend was amazing and yesterday was almost 60 - but I guess we are getting snow tomorrow again - m@#$%!!!!!!!er!

Off to the gym - to keep developing my good habits.  

**in the spirit of keeping it real, I updated my ticker to 194.  Ouch.****


  1. I updated mine too... exact same spot. It is hard to cross my legs again and I'm not even talking about the way my pants fit.
    I love the honesty and the plan! You keep at it!

  2. I think they say it takes 21 days for something to become habit. You can TOTALLY rock that. And cycling clearly burns calories- and fast. We can trade stores. :)


  3. You are being honest with yourself and that is awesome. You got this!

  4. Good for you lady - one step at a've inspired me to go redo my ticker - and it's gonna hurt like a bitch. But truth is best....good for you for moving!!! And yes, it's snowing here. Damn.