Sunday, June 30, 2013

TDF ~ yep its that time again

100th Tour de France.  Its my favorite time of year!  Phil Liggett I heart you! I love all the coverage and helicopter shots - Its like taking a trip to Corsica...well not really, but kinda.

Yesterday I squeaked in a ride late in the day.  I hate riding when there are cars out but you gotta do what you can.  I stayed far from the main roads and did the beach tour - pictures below.  Worked mainly on hills. 19 miles ave 14.5 mph..It would have been faster but I kept stopping at beaches and taking pictures.

Last night I gave my friends a ride out to Montauk for a birthday night.  Thank God I was DD - it was a shit show and I left early...they cabbed it back home.  I just have no interest in hangovers these days. 

I'm trying to get my SH together to visit Robyn and Cat...I need some of their mojo to rub off on me!  Looks like August will be the target.  Also trying to get out to see Miss Lorie and maybe do some MTB in Moab along the way...

So the current theme is - food is horrible but exercise is still thats were I'm at. 
Drinks after wrok

Early morning ride

Cleaning the Machine!

Honey Badgers Park where they Want!

Yep..its summer in the Hamptons...Park how you want!

My Ride last night

Blooming Cactus!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


I may not be "on the wagon" ...but its 5am and I'm getting ready to ride my bike when I could be sleeping till 8.....I would call that a lifestyle. 

1.  I'm feeling better - the tiredness has passed
2.  Summer schedule is in full effect - working till 3 or 4 most days then going to the beach or pool to hang.
3.  Food is and will always be the hard part
4.  I just get bored with eating the same bland crap day in and day out...
5.  Just discovered Grace Potter and the Nocturnals..I'm late to the party, I know
6.  Our lawnmower died mid mow...I left her where she died..classy.
7.  Robyn is an inspiration - thank you for giving me hope that I can pull my shit together!
8.  July 4th is a week is that possible? 
9.  Baggy clothes are dangerous...I feel skinny when I wear them...
10.  Off to chase sunrise on the bike..

Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday was a summer solstice gathering at my friend's place- aka the northwest social club - we took the afternoon off work to swim and play - ping pong, corn hole and just chill out.  It was great.  
Saturday I worked most of the day.
Yesterday I was up at 5am and out for a bike ride - did 37 miles solo - it was beautiful and awesome - see photos below.
Worked for a few hours then went to the beach..
Not sure whats been going on with me but I've been so tired.  Going to bed at 8:30 and sleeping till 7 or 8 in the morning...
Food has been terrible, I'm binging and using sugar to prop me up throughout the day...I'm contemplating doing a juice cleanse to reboot...its been ugly...real ugly.  The scale said 170 after my epic bike ride...and I'm noticeably larger...hrumph. I want to care a lot but its getting old...
Everything else is good...Mo thinks I need to go to the doctor, but I've now got really shitty health insurance so it will be a fortune...boooooo.
Anyway - you all inspire me daily and here's to the never ending journey and battling the hunger sugar monster one moment one decision at a time. 

Top secret dinner location

My top secret store is now open!!

The great egg laying of 2013

Can Jam spotted at the beach

My office yesterday afternoon

Main Beach 6:30 on Sunday morning - pretty perfect

The Long Road home

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life update and 10 things thursday

This weekend was great - rode 30 miles on Sunday Morning -
Food has been ok - still struggling a bit with the ice cream...but whatever - I'm feeling pretty good.
Work has slowed a ton - I'm not complaining - its actually nice right now - the calm before the storm. 
Plan for this week:

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: Trainer - upper body - run after
Wednesday: 6am road ride - did 30 miles
Thursday: Trainer - run after
Friday: Road Bike - 25 Miles
Saturday: very early road ride - 35 Miles
Sunday:Road ride - or mountain 

Ten things Thursday:
1.  I have perfected the "Irish Exit"
2. Mo accidentally locked Ed outside all night last night!  He didn't make a peep - I just let him in...poor dog..I think he likes sleeping under the stars...
3.  I got Mo to start working out with the Trainer
4. I've been a lazy blogger - sorry...not much to report
5. Weight has been holding around 168-169...annoying 
6. Going to read blog from beginning to get back to basics
7. I'm just doin me...nothing too exciting
8.  Planning epic 80s birthday bash for me and my friend Suey - there will be a blow up movie screen with Say Anything playing...
9.  Summer is my zone.. flip flops, sun dresses and sunrise bike there anything better?
10.  Just enjoying each day. 

Sammy - doin' her!

The Famous Cookiepuss carvel cake

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Family Member

Although I will never be a roadie - this happened....
Trek Madone 5.2 Carbon Fiber Women's Specific bike....with all kinds of fancy components that I don't understand.
The truth is that the summer here in the woods can be miserable with the ticks and the steamy swampy air...Thank god I don't eat red meat - read this article - Aside from causing red meat allergy the damn tick bites itch so bad they keep you up at night and scar your ankles and legs.  Soo I ended up adding this bad boy to the fleet.
Its pretty friken sweet - 
It was a big splurge but as my friends and the salespeople at the bike shop pointed out...I will have this for at least 10 years, because I am a cyclist I would definitely notice and get very frustrated with crap components on a lower end bike...this one has Ultegra on it..
So here's to going really fast and waking up at 4:30 to go for long rides before the traffic gets ridiculous!
I'm also convinced this will help me get to goal.
I've been holding steady at 168.4

Thursday, June 13, 2013


1.  I was an exercise pig yesterday - Trainer at 5:45 did weight lifting then ran 2.5 miles and then went biking after work - 15 miles - road/woods...

2. Sweet Jesus I am in pain this morning and Trainer comes in 15 minutes (5:45am) - not sure I'll make it through plyo/cardio without barfing

3.  The weather has been shitty - lots of heavy rain - so I was justified in running and biking outside yesterday - dammit! 

4.  Its going to piss rain again today

5. S'mai had her teeth cleaned yesterday - fresh doggie breath and pearly whites!

6. Food has been great - been eating 75% fresh clean foods..

7.  Have a wedding to go to on Friday dress requires major spanx and lots of core work...

8. Love that summer is here - the beach cactus is blooming and the water is almost warm enough to go swimming.  

9.  I must make sure there are lots of beach days this summer - or at least chunks of time for the beach.
9a - I wish we had a shower at the office so I could take mini breaks and go to the beach then run back to work....

10. Urgh - 5 minutes till trainer gets here...I'm dreading the pain today.... Its gonna be bad.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday ~ Weigh in and WTF

168.4 - 
That's down from the scary 172 I saw the other day.
 And up from my lowest ever of 155.
I'm in a good place now - lots of working out with the trainer and biking/running on my own
I'm getting a road bike this week...yay! 
I've not been blogging much because I've been busy living...I guess that's the whole point.

Turbo Shopping at Banana Republic

Saturday, June 8, 2013

What did I do this week?

Went to VT and went mountain biking on REAL Hills!  
I do eat like Cookie Monster on trips - mainly b/c my band shuts tight when I travel...I'm considering having fluid taken out so I can eat more whole foods.... lately I have been eating garbage because that's what goes down and make me feel full.  
I digress -

VT was the bomb!  I went with my best friend J - quite the adventure - we stayed at the adorable Wildflower Inn on top of the hill with views everywhere and the best damn breakfast ever! The best part is the location on the Trail - at the top!.  We road Wednesday afternoon for 2 hours once we got there - scary and fun riding with super technical parts on the side of cliffs..that I walked - chicken.

Thursday we rode for over 6 hours - up and down and all over the place - the trails are amazing there! About 27 miles and over 3500 cal burned - amazing.  Views at the top and challenging fast down hill with painfully long climbs. Then yesterday we spent the day in the car in the pouring rain driving back - long trip - we were so close to Canada - Hi Leigh!

I'm thankful that I'm in shape to be able to enjoy a trip like this - not even sore today...Trainer is coming in 30 minutes to torture me...But I know I need to get back to where I was last year and part of that will be being able to eat real food and not live on sliders like I have been doing.

Oh and and new blogger alert - check out Banded Brazilian!

Here are some pics of our adventure- none of them do the place justice.  

there is a beautiful chapel at the top of the hill where bikers are welcome - blessing of the cool!

View from the back of the inn