Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm back!

Today is a new day!  No humidity, slight breeze and sunshine in the Hamptons.  It couldn't be more perfect.  After turbo shopping yesterday and babying my ankle and knee for the day, I set out in my new running outfit with the bandaged ankle.  My expectations were low as I headed out over a super hilly course.
I felt great and stepped up the pace.  Wouldn't you know I did my fastest 5k yet!  I guess there is something to be said for recovery days...or buying new clothes that obviously make me faster (tighter = less wind resistance at my 12min mile pace).
Tonight I have boot camp on the  beach and will most likely be a complete cripple tomorrow but it is a blast - almost more of a social thing.  Did I mention most of my friends are iron men and women who compete at ultra distances and do crazy Mountain Bike Races and off road runs?  Their pro athlete ways have rubbed off on me and inspire me daily.  I am lucky have such great people around me who constantly encourage and guide me to be the best I can be..even though most days when we hang out it is more like that Sesame Street song - one of these things is not like the other ...I stick out like a vegan at a BBQ!
Have a great day all! I would love to hear what type of exercise you guys are doing...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The war wages on....

So even though I've had my halo on for the majority of the 3 months that I've been banded, every once in a while the devil sits on my shoulder.  I am a binge eater.  Always have been since I can remember.  As soon as the going gets tough I get munching.  Since the band, these episodes have been minor and few and far between.  Usually I can get out for a run or bike ride to clear my head or settle in for some Chai tea or take the dogs for a walk.

Last night was a bad started because I couldn't run or bike with my bum knee and I wussed out on the open water swim.  I got home from work and  was starving! Instead of making some tea and working on a game plan for dinner I sat down with leftovers and turned on my favorite travel/food show - No Reservations.  It was the Rome episode - my favorite "food porn".  I went bite for bite with Anthony Bourdain.  Not my finest moment.

I am actually glad that happened. I was getting cocky, thinking that the Band would stop me in time.  The band is not the magic cure - it is a tool. I am reminded that the band is not the decision maker, I am.  The band  supports my good decisions and hopefully lessens the damage of the bad decisions.

Today I will schedule a fill and be on top of my emotions....oh yeah and I'll not be watching any "food porn" travel shows.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Battle Wounds

I love battle scars as much as the next girl.  Generally they are nasty purple bruises, gashes to the leg or arm and a very sore set of muscles.  I have been known to go bragging about how I got my scars and bruises: "Dude! I was whipping down a trail and caught major air off a 4 foot drop and missed the landing" or "I missed the turn and tried to jump a log and wound up doing a superman into a tree".  This is usually followed by some high fives and woohoos from my gang of fellow crazy mtb chix.

Now that I have taken up running, I spend more time on the road these days and less time getting "sweet air" over big logs. My current set of injuries (mildly sprained left ankle and banged up right knee) are rather embarrassing, there is not one thing cool or daring about them.

So here it is.....I am a Klutz.  Yes, that's right...I can ride the piss out of a mountain bike and fly down steep hills without a worry, but when it comes to walking, I am a disaster.
I knew I was due for a fall, it had been a while.  I took two steps down a driveway and BAM there I was SPLAT on the road.  Ouch!

The good news is I taped the ankle and went for a bike ride...the bad news is I tried running this morning and I was like Franken runner -all kinds of gimpy on the knee.   There are now 4 days till race day and I'm just going to have to suck it up and do what I can.
I guess this is a good excuse to take up open water swimming.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Day in the Life

Happy Monday (my day off so really is!) And my weigh in day...192.8 up .2 not sure what that's all about..

I thought I'd give a snap shot of a typical day for this vegan athlete. This was yesterday.

I am usually between 50 and 60g of protein a day. And try to be around 1100 cal.


1cup coffee - .25 cup of lite soy milk - 15cal and 1.5 g pro
Breakfast: Shake:
                4oz lite soy milk - 30cal 3g prot
                4oz organic apple juice - 45 cal 0 pro
                1 scoop spirutein protein powder - 99 cal 14g pro
                1 scoop green vibrance - 44 cal 2.6g pro
                1 Tbs flax meal - 30 cal 1.5 g pro
                .5 cup frozen blue berries - 30 cal
                             295 cal and 22g protein - approx

Lunch : .5 cup refried beans - 100 cal 6g pro
            8 grain soy flatbread - 90 cal 5g pro
            baby spinach 3oz -10 cal 2g pro
           sliced tomato - 15 cal 0 pro
            1tbs taco sauce - 10 cal
                    225 cal and  13 g protein

Pre mountain bike ride  - gu -100 cal (this is straight carbs and helps to prevent "bonking" on the ride.)
During ride - g2-watered down - approx 50 cal


Dinner - Spinach Salad made with tempeh bacon and walnuts 450 cal - 10g
               roasted tofu 80 cal 10 g protein
                   530  cal 20g pro

Total for the day - 1200 cal and 55 g pro -
I'll be posting some more creative recipes soon...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hello out there!

My first post in Blog Land.  Thank you Lap Band Gal for inspiring me to blog!  A bit about me and my Journey so far:
I am an obsessive mountain biker who just took up running.  I am vegan - who knew it was possible to be vegan and fat!  I had Lap Band surgery 12 weeks ago April 6, 2011.  My highest weight was 241 and I am now 192.2.  I'm pretty stoked!
I have always loved being active - although it was pretty hard to ride my bike at my highest weight.  My surgery went well and recovery has been easy.  I think that's because I was already active and had no co-morbidity symptoms.
My journey has little to do with what size jeans I'm wearing (although its fun to shop for smaller ones) but instead it is about becoming an athlete.  I am proud of being active and getting in my daily exercise but now I want more!  Now I want to win.  This blog, I hope, will help to keep me accountable and track my goals over the next year.  First goal - July 3rd 8K race.