Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The war wages on....

So even though I've had my halo on for the majority of the 3 months that I've been banded, every once in a while the devil sits on my shoulder.  I am a binge eater.  Always have been since I can remember.  As soon as the going gets tough I get munching.  Since the band, these episodes have been minor and few and far between.  Usually I can get out for a run or bike ride to clear my head or settle in for some Chai tea or take the dogs for a walk.

Last night was a bad started because I couldn't run or bike with my bum knee and I wussed out on the open water swim.  I got home from work and  was starving! Instead of making some tea and working on a game plan for dinner I sat down with leftovers and turned on my favorite travel/food show - No Reservations.  It was the Rome episode - my favorite "food porn".  I went bite for bite with Anthony Bourdain.  Not my finest moment.

I am actually glad that happened. I was getting cocky, thinking that the Band would stop me in time.  The band is not the magic cure - it is a tool. I am reminded that the band is not the decision maker, I am.  The band  supports my good decisions and hopefully lessens the damage of the bad decisions.

Today I will schedule a fill and be on top of my emotions....oh yeah and I'll not be watching any "food porn" travel shows.


  1. You are doing so great by recognizing that you had a slip up and moving on from it. Not dwelling on the slip up is the best thing.

    I'm sure the fill with help too.

  2. Yep, like Dawnya said, it's good to own up and recognize less healthful behaviors but just get on with life and move toward more healthful decisions. I don't believe there is "good and bad" in this journey just more and less healthful. and oh - I love food porn too. Food network is still one of my favorite networks!