Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Battle Wounds

I love battle scars as much as the next girl.  Generally they are nasty purple bruises, gashes to the leg or arm and a very sore set of muscles.  I have been known to go bragging about how I got my scars and bruises: "Dude! I was whipping down a trail and caught major air off a 4 foot drop and missed the landing" or "I missed the turn and tried to jump a log and wound up doing a superman into a tree".  This is usually followed by some high fives and woohoos from my gang of fellow crazy mtb chix.

Now that I have taken up running, I spend more time on the road these days and less time getting "sweet air" over big logs. My current set of injuries (mildly sprained left ankle and banged up right knee) are rather embarrassing, there is not one thing cool or daring about them.

So here it is.....I am a Klutz.  Yes, that's right...I can ride the piss out of a mountain bike and fly down steep hills without a worry, but when it comes to walking, I am a disaster.
I knew I was due for a fall, it had been a while.  I took two steps down a driveway and BAM there I was SPLAT on the road.  Ouch!

The good news is I taped the ankle and went for a bike ride...the bad news is I tried running this morning and I was like Franken runner -all kinds of gimpy on the knee.   There are now 4 days till race day and I'm just going to have to suck it up and do what I can.
I guess this is a good excuse to take up open water swimming.


  1. I broke both my ankles (seperate times) just walking. I eventually started to make up stories about how it happened because it was just too embarrassing to say I just fell the *#$% down.....

  2. Take it easy and let your body heal! It's important or you can really injure yourself. Good idea on the water also resistance bands are good for toning and don't put any stress on knees and ankles.