Monday, February 24, 2014

The Post about Pain

I guess I've been lucky...been able to be active and not have any pain in my body. 
That has changed. My knee is a problem.  It hurts when I work out and then I'm scared to work out.  Its a big problem.

The polar vortex is back tonight ... And we are expecting a snow storm Wednesday - the day I was supposed to go to FL - so what did I do?  Changed my flight to tomorrow - damn right..I'm not messing around with old man winter and getting stuck in this freezer.... 
Sunshine here I come...only I'd rather stay here...
Why? Because nothing fits.  no summer clothes fit me.  I went to try on some clothes yesterday and its ugly - back to size 16.
I remember I used to feel excited about going away..and knowing my clothes would fit.  Yeah....So STUPID.
I felt stressed yesterday so I ate a crapload of chocolate.  
Anyone ever try shock therapy?? I'm close to needing it. 


  1. Changing your flight was brilliant with a capital B and I wouldn't mind if you brought some sunshine back to NY with you. I am over the polar vortex.

  2. Flight change is brilliant! The other, is hard. Weight gain comfort with chocolate? I have so been there.

  3. Have a wonderful trip. Take in vitamin d, savor the abundance of fresh veggies and fruits and come back rejuvenated. You've got this.

  4. Hope the knee starts feeling better. I am in a similar pickle, my hip and shoulder have been acting up this last month and it has gotten me scared of exercise so I am going to try swimming (well if I can get over the phobia about being practically naked in front of everyone)

  5. Have you had anyone look at your knee?

  6. I've switched from running to mostly calisthenics because of knee pain. So annoying! Enjoy Florida!

  7. OMG, so sick of OMW (old man winter...ha ha!) I hope your knee is feeling better soon. I know working out is a big part of me feeling GOOD, so if injury sidelined that momma would not be a happy camper!

  8. V- I'm sorry things are rough-- I am familiar with all of the feelings you're going through. I think many band folks have gone through a period of struggle and weight gain. You will get it together. Take good care of that knee and have a good time on that vacay… remember: don't beat yourself up!!