Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back on Plan

I'm down...woo hoo!  185 yesterday.  
That is after I biked 40 miles and before breakfast...I don't give crap - I'm counting it!
So whats new?
My band is looser so I've been chowing down on veggies and fruit....and given up the Alcohol and dairy...gasp.  I notice a big difference in how I feel.
Eating Local veggies and fruit makes me happy. 
Whats behind this big push for health?  The bike.  Its always been about the bike ~ I just forgot last year.
I want to get fast.  Mainly because I ride with guys and they keep dropping me...its down right frustrating. 
And we are heading back to VT in Sept and if I drop 20 or so by then, riding the mountains will be 100% easier...
Ronnie posted her goal weight so I'll put mine down too.
Mine is 155  -I was great at that weight, Its realistic and I've been there before.  30 to go!
This is what the week looks like for me
Sunday - Mountain Bike -13 miles
Monday - off
Tuesday - Road Ride 40 miles
Wednesday (today) - walk on the beach for an hour - I'm adding walking into my routine - I need to burn fat and while I burn a ton of calories on the bike - its not fat ...its mostly cardio or anerobic.
Thursday - 30 to 40 miles on the bike
Friday - Walk/tone
Saturday Road Ride - 50 Miles
Sunday - MTB.
Here are some more pics from the bike adventures